NH woman one of first recipients of bionic foot

Posted: 10/02/12 at 5:40 pm EDT      Last Updated: 10/02/12 at 5:51 pm EDT

SOMERSWORTH, N.H. (WHDH) -- A New Hampshire woman is back on her feet after a remarkable surgery at a New England hospital.

Connie Nason is one of the first recipients of a bionic foot after a devastating infection changed her life 15 years ago.

“I just stayed in bed for four months and mourned the loss of my leg and cried, and cried, and cried,” said Nason.

A prosthetic barely allowed her to walk.

“You hit a pothole and you had to worry about falling and everything. I always had to have my cane because I always worried about falling,” said Nason.

Over the summer, Hanger Prosthetics gave Nason a life changing bionic limb.

“I put the foot on her and she took off,” said Paul Jenkins of the Hanger Clinic.

Nason is the first in New England to get this type of foot.

It looks simple, but the technology involved with the foot is quite sophisticated. The system operates on a battery and includes hydraulics, a microprocessor and gyroscope. Multiple sensors pick up signals and send them to the microprocessor.

Nason’s bionic foot now works as well as her biological one.

“She’s smiling and I’m smiling because she’s no longer using her cane,” said Jenkins.

“I have the heel to toe movement and I have brakes. I have brakes!” Nason said.

Nason is able to walk up and down hills, on grass and on uneven ground. Nason’s husband no longer has to hover and worry about catching her.

“I’d be in front of her and behind her in case she fell. Doesn’t have that problem anymore,” said Charles Nason, Connie’s husband.

The two are back to walking hand in hand, all thanks to her new foot.

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