Attorney: Arlington family of 4 found dead was happy

Posted: 11/20/13 at 4:15 pm EST      Last Updated: 11/20/13 at 4:53 pm EST

ARLINGTON, Mass. (AP) -- An attorney says a Massachusetts man found dead with his wife and their infant twin sons had recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer and had given no indication of marital problems.

Attorney Timothy Burke said Tuesday paramedic Scott Jones talked about his family and was excited about being a father.

Jones, his wife and their sons were found dead in their suburban Boston home Monday after police were asked to check on them. Both parents were 43. The twins would've turned 1 next week.

A relative says the couple had experienced marital problems. Prosecutors say the deaths at the family's Arlington home are an isolated incident.

Authorities aren't looking for any suspects. They're awaiting the results of autopsies before announcing the causes of the four deaths.

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