New details emerge in murder of Danvers teacher

Posted: 10/24/13 at 8:20 am EDT      Last Updated: 10/24/13 at 11:08 pm EDT

DANVERS, Mass. (WHDH) -- Investigators are still piecing together what they say 14-year-old Philip Chism did, in the hours after the murder of Danvers High School teacher, Colleen Ritzer.

“There's no answers, we don’t know why and that really is making the whole mourning process a lot more difficult,” Lisa Smith a parent in Danvers, said.

Students returned to the high school Thursday to meet with grief counselors for the first time since the murder of 24-year-old math teacher, Ritzer.

With freshman 14-year-old Philip Chism behind bars and charged with her death, more details are emerging about the moments before and after the murder.

Sources say school surveillance video, and there are close to 200 cameras positioned between the inside and outside the school, show the teen following Ritzer into a women's bathroom on the second floor. The video goes on to show Chism leaving the bathroom covered in blood.

Sources also say Chism who was wearing white gloves struck his math teacher twice before slashing her with a box cutter then placing her body in a recycling bin and wheeling it out of the school and into the woods.

Chism then disposed her body according to our sources and covered it with leaves making it difficult for investigators to find her.

Sources say after the murder he changed out of his bloody clothing; he’d been carrying a black backpack.

He then went to the 4:30 afternoon showing of Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” at the Hollywood Hits Movie Theater and left at 6:10 after paying cash for his ticket.

“He came in, bought a ticket, watched the movie. Left. We have video but it’s only going to the police,” said Scott Przybycien, Hollywood Hit Movie Theater.

Sources say at some point he smashed his cellphone and Ritzer's cell phone in a parking lot near the movie theater then used her credit card to buy food at Wendy's.

What happened over the next five hours remains a mystery but when Chism was taken into custody by police in Topsfield, he was carrying Ritzer’s credit card and other forms of her identification.

According to sources, Chism later confessed to the murder.

Other students, including kids from the soccer team gather, puzzled by what happened.

“I would have never predicted this to happen at all, he just seemed like such a normal kid,” Danvers High soccer player Chris Davis said.

Parents will be meeting with school officials at 6:30 Thursday night at the high school.

Danvers High School will be reopening on Friday, but police say the bathroom where Chism allegedly attacked Ritzer will remain closed.

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