Allegations of hazing at Chelmsford High School

Posted: 09/09/13 at 6:25 pm EDT      Last Updated: 09/10/13 at 4:42 pm EDT

CHELMSFORD, Mass. (WHDH) -- The Chelmsford High School football team is in trouble for what reportedly happened off the field. As many as six players are being investigated in connection with a case of hazing.

“I think it's an embarrassment, I think it's disgusting. My son is going to go to high school next year, so it's frightening that it's going on, especially since he's into sports,” said Amy Gallagher, concerned parent.

Police say it happened in late august when players traveled to a teambuilding camp in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. It's believed the incident involved about three to four teens total.

“They were at an overnight camp, and my understanding is some possible assault and battery at some level occurred. I'm not at liberty to go into any further than that,” said Dep. Chief James Spinney, Chelmsford Police Dept.

An alleged victim notified the school department, who reported it to police, and also looked into themselves.

“Anytime we have allegations of any wrongdoing or any misconduct, we as a school department investigate them fully. In this case, an investigation has been made and the investigation is complete,” said Dr. Frank Tiano, Chelmsford Superintendent.

Students were disciplined but the district wouldn't elaborate further.

Other incidents of hazing have also been reported in Northbridge and Somerville this year. Parents say they hope this isn't becoming a troubling trend.

“I have kids at the school, and I think between the Chelmsford Police Department and the superintendent's office that they will handle it the best way, you know, how it needs to be handled,” another parent said.

Moultonborough, New Hampshire Police are the lead investigators at this point. Right now no football players have been charged with anything criminally. They add their investigation is continuing.

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