Police search for man who broke into Fitchburg store

Posted: 05/08/13 at 4:35 pm EDT      Last Updated: 05/08/13 at 4:48 pm EDT

FITCHBURG, Mass. (WHDH) -- Police in Fitchburg are looking for a man who may be behind a number of crimes. In one case, he was caught on camera after crawling through a hole in a store.

Police on the hunt for the man in surveillance video who broke into Michelle's Variety here in Fitchburg overnight -- but it’s how he broke in that has police baffled.

Investigators say the suspect shimmied his way through a 10-inch by 10-inch hole in the back of the building, busted through part of the wall inside, and began rummaging through the store for almost 20 minutes.

“Unfortunately, this is the second incident in a very similar method of operation…Detectives are working the case right now,” said Sgt. Glenn Fossa, Fitchburg Police Department.

The suspect, with tools in tow, pried opened the side of an ATM, grabbed thousands of dollars in cash, and got away before police arrived.

“In this particular case it does appear that this is one of these crimes of opportunity. A store located right here on a busy thoroughfare, early morning hours, not a lot of folks around,” Sgt. Fossa said.

Detectives say the surveillance video of the man is crucial to their investigation.

“Video is always critical as you can imagine…from the most simple crimes to the incredible heinous crimes. Video plays a very important role,” Sgt. Fossa said.

Investigators are working with local departments to see if the suspect is connected to other break-ins in the area in recent months.

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