Lobstermen escape boat fire in Rockport

Posted: 04/29/13 at 5:10 am EDT      Last Updated: 04/29/13 at 11:20 pm EDT

ROCKPORT, Mass. (WHDH) -- Two lobstermen were rescued after their fishing boat caught fire over the weekend.

The two men on-board the boat were able to get safely off the boat when they were rescued by the harbormaster, but firefighters had to battle the flames from the shoreline.

“If we weren’t there within 30 seconds they would have been in the water and we would have been pulling them out of the water but they saw us coming out and we pulled them right off the stern of the boat and they stated that another few seconds they would have been in the water,” said the harbormaster.

The fire started small but quickly grew.

“They smelled plastic burning or something of that nature and they headed for the harbor. They got inside the harbor and they opened one of the hatches to see if they could see what it was and from there it just turned into an all-out fire,” the harbormaster said.

The boat was heavily damaged but not destroyed.

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