Andover students face going to school on Good Friday

Posted: 03/21/13 at 5:30 pm EDT      Last Updated: 03/21/13 at 9:26 pm EDT

ANDOVER, Mass. (WHDH) -- The never-ending winter weather is putting a strain on a lot of people -- especially school administrators. Andover is just one of the school districts trying to come up with ways to make up snow days.

Due to six bad weather days, including a snow storm this past Tuesday, students in Andover face going to school on Good Friday.

And due to a gas leak at the high school, those students will likely attend classes on the last Saturday in April too.

“I don’t really mind going to school on Good Friday. I mean, we’ve had a lot of snow days – more than ever before, so [going to school on Saturday] bothers me more,” said Alex Blake, Andover High School senior.

Good Friday isn't a federal holiday, but most school systems make it a day off. School will be held for only a half day under the proposal.

“I’d rather have Good Friday than the summertime,” said Ting Liu, a parent.

Hopkinton is considering the same move; the school board votes Thursday night.

In a letter to parents, the superintendant said he had to make a recommendation from a lot of bad options, including school on Saturday - or during April vacation - or even in July.

He's recommending an early dismissal day on Good Friday. Parents seem to like his choice.

“They can take away vacation time when families have already planned for vacations – I think that you’re going to create more of a problem and more attendance difficulties at school,” said Ted Barker, Hopkinton parent.

Barker-Hook notes Hopkinton school policy allows parents to keep their kids out of school for religious reasons.

“I think it’s a perfectly reasonable proposal. I’m not a terribly religious family and Good Friday doesn’t mean much to us,” Barker-Hook said.

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