Lawrence police dog finds and shoots gun

Posted: 03/03/13 at 10:15 pm EST      Last Updated: 03/04/13 at 6:29 am EST

LAWRENCE, Mass. (WHDH) -- A police dog in Lawrence was searching for suspects when he not only found a gun, but shot it.

“I definitely thought for sure my dog just got shot,” said Lt. John Pickle, Lawrence Police Department.

Lt. Pickle said they were called to an intersection in Lawrence early Saturday after three suspects were arrested following gunshots.

The gun allegedly involved was buried in a snow bank and that’s when 3-year-old Ivan went to work.

“It’s the first time we’ve been out there where there’s been a gun involved and it was hidden and we were able to find it,” said Lt. Pickle.

Digging through the snow with his paw, the German Shepherd not only located the gun, he fired it. It was a loaded Ruger semi-automatic.

“Like a loud firecracker. I never even saw the gun I was walking up on my dog I was probably only two to three feet behind my dog when it happened,” said Lt. Pickle.

Lawrence Police Chief John Romero said in his four decades of law enforcement, he’s never heard of a police dog firing a gun.

“This is a first. I’ve never seen anything like this and we can laugh at it now because no one was injured including the dog Ivan, but I’ve never seen it before,” said Chief Romero.

Unable to locate the bullet, police woke up residents in a nearby house to make sure everyone was okay.

“We train for that. The dog’s supposed to go in there and just lie down or sit when he find the article. I think it’s just because it was buried in the snow and he pulled it out. A one in a million chance there,” said Lt. Pickle.

The three suspects will be in court Monday morning.

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