Freight train, car almost collide in Andover

Posted: 02/22/13 at 10:50 pm EST      Last Updated: 02/22/13 at 11:01 pm EST

ANDOVER, Mass. (WHDH) -- A freight train rolling through Andover Thursday night stopped just short of catastrophe.

“They were waiving the train down. People were nervous, like afraid,” said Jovany Santos, a witness.

A car was stuck on the railroad tracks. Witnesses say the driver was still inside it when the crossing gates came down. The scene jolted customers into action at a nearby pizza shop.

“There was two customers in here eating food. One ran out was waving at the train to stop. The other guy literally just pulled him out trying to save his life,” said Santos.

The train hit the brakes and managed to stop in the nick of time. Jovany Santos watched it all happen. He says the driver was making a left turn at the intersection when the car wound up on the tracks, unable to reverse.

“I've seen people take a right on these tracks here. I've seen them go on both sides of the tracks and take a left or right on these tracks. It's happened more than once,” said Jesse Rivard, a witness.

With the train stopped, and the driver safe, a tow truck came to get the car. The outcome left witnesses feeling relieved and in awe of one man who didn't hesitate to help when he didn't know whether the train would stop.

“He would have saved the guy's life. He would have pulled the guy out and saved his life,” Santos said.

A tow truck was needed to get the car off the tracks. Witnesses say the driver was able to get back into his car and leave the scene without a scratch.

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