NH police face off with unruly partygoers near UNH

Posted: 04/29/13 at 6:00 am EDT      Last Updated: 04/29/13 at 10:41 pm EDT

DURHAM, N.H. (WHDH) -- Police faced off against unruly partygoers near the University of New Hampshire over the weekend.

"One of my friends was just standing there, not doing anything wrong, and got hit right above the eye in the forehead,” said Chase MacDermott, a UNH student.

Durham police say they received a call from homeowners to remove a large crowd. When they showed up, more than 500 people were blocking the street and started to throw beer cans and beer bottles at police.

Police say one officer was hit in the side of the head with a bottle.

"Once the beer bottles started getting thrown, that's when they retreated back, everyone cheers, and some of us are sitting there like okay, this is

about to get serious,” said Jake Howard, a UNH student.

Police then started to fire pepper spray balls into the crowd.

In a video posted on YouTube, students say you can see one guy being taken down by police.

"All of a sudden before you know it there's cops coming at you with facemasks, things like that and shields," said Howard.

A 21-year-old from New Hampshire was arrested and charged with riot assault.

He is not a UNH student.

Students told 7News the daytime party was so big because of the nice weather.

"It's had a name for being a big party school for a while," a student said.

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