Snowmobile victim says his dad saved his life

Posted: 02/18/13 at 9:50 pm EST      Last Updated: 02/19/13 at 6:52 am EST

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WHDH) -- Aiden, 9, was in good spirits as he was released from the hospital just days after breaking his leg in a snowmobile accident.

On Saturday afternoon, Aiden was riding with his dad, 41-year old Keith Ryan, when their snowmobile hit a rock and went flew into the air.

“The machine traveled 72 feet in the air before actually hitting the ground, and both individuals were ejected from the machine,” said Chris McKee, New Hampshire Fish and Game.

They were both wearing helmets, but the impact was too severe. Keith Ryan died and his son was unconscious.

Aiden says his father saved his life.

“My dad threw me off…yeah, he saved me,” said Aiden.

Aiden's two sisters were also there in Auburn and saw the crash.

“Just happened so fast we ran over and I saw my dad on the rock and my brother on the soft snow,” said Celena Ryan.

Celena ran over to her brother and says when he came to, he told her dad saved him.

“His dad's his hero, and we love him so much, and he'll be missed, he's the best dad ever and I love you dad,” said Celena.

Aiden fractured his femur and is now headed home with his mom and sisters to recover.

Aiden will forever remember that afternoon, not just because of the crash, but because of what his dad told him when they hopped on the snowmobile together.

“He said I would always be safe in his arms, and it was true,” said Aiden.

To donate to the Keith Ryan Jr. Memorial Trust Fund, here is the information:

TD Bank
Account number: 8248670031

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