Concrete from overpass falls on family's windshield

Posted: 10/03/12 at 12:30 am EDT      Last Updated: 10/03/12 at 11:44 pm EDT

BILLERICA, Mass. (WHDH) -- A Billerica family's windshield was smashed when they say concrete came crashing down on them while driving under an overpass on Interstate 95 North in Sharon.

“I was just driving and I could see in front of me two big black pieces of something falling and I thought to myself, ‘what is that?’” said Jasmine Connolly.

They say a piece of concrete from the highway’s overpass fell onto their windshield.

“I could see it falling from the bridge,” Jasmine Connolly said.

“It was all four of us. It was my wife, myself, and our two daughters. One’s two years old, one’s six months and any one of us could easily been injured or killed,” said Brian Connolly.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation says it checked the bridge for debris, but didn’t find any.

Jasmine Connolly says the agency told her the state isn’t liable for the damage.

“And I just think for the state to say, ‘sorry, you didn’t injure yourself, you didn’t get killed from the bridge so we’re not going to help you at all,’ I just think it’s crazy,” Jasmine Connolly said.

The Connolly’s are waiting on an appraisal and weighing legal options with their attorneys.

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