Police locate stolen snow plow

Posted: 12/28/12 at 12:45 pm EST      Last Updated: 12/28/12 at 11:19 pm EST

MATTAPAN, Mass. (WHDH) -- A snow plow stolen during the height of the snow storm was found in a Mattapan parking lot Friday.

“It didn’t appear to be damaged. It looked like it was just parked. Somebody, I don’t know if the keys were in it when they found- or whoever found it and brought it here. It looks like somebody hopped in it, took it for a ride and parked it,” said Leo Osborne, who saw the parked plow.

The keys had been left inside the vehicle which isn’t protocol, but that sometimes happens when the workers are juggling 10 to 15 trucks around during a snow storm.

Surveillance footage shows the plow on an erratic ride, suggesting the driver was in unfamiliar territory.

“The truck's leaving the yard right now and it's heading through the gates. It's gonna take a left in the employee parking lot instead of going out to the service road,” said Max Ford Diamond, Dept. of Parks & Recreation.

“He realizes he can't get out and then he leaves through a grass strip that's not the exit or the entrance that's just a grass that's there and then he leaves the yard,” said Diamond.

But just as he does, a park ranger, suspicious of what he sees races to see what's going on but by then it's too late, the truck is long gone.

The snow vehicle was dusted for prints after it was recovered Friday. Meanwhile, residents in the area where it was found are more puzzled by who stole it than anything else.

“If you were looking to joy ride, not that it's appropriate but a salt truck, whatever. To each their own I guess,” said Osborne.

The person who stole the truck is facing a felony charge and possibly 15 years in prison if convicted.

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