Mayor Menino transferred to rehab hospital

Posted: 11/26/12 at 1:50 pm EST      Last Updated: 11/26/12 at 4:35 pm EST

BOSTON (WHDH) -- Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital on Monday after spending a month hospitalized for an infection and a compression fracture in his back. Doctors also revealed he is being treated for Type II diabetes.

“We are happy to announce today that the mayor is being transferred to rehabilitation [Monday] to begin the next phase of his recovery,” said Dr. Charles Morris of Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Morris said he has no idea how long the mayor will be undergoing physical therapy at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. The hospital also did not comment.

Menino spent a month at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He was admitted Oct. 26 after cutting a vacation to Italy short. He initially went to the hospital for an upper respiratory infection. Doctors then discovered a blood clot, which had travelled to his lungs.

Dr. Morris said Menino has Type II diabetes, in addition to Crohn’s Disease, which he was previously diagnosed with. Menino’s doctor said he developed a compression fracture in his lower back while hospitalized.

Menino’s pain from the fracture wasn’t improving, in fact it got worse.

“We discovered evidence of an infection in his lower back for which he’s now on therapy and appropriate antibiotics and he’s responded beautifully,” said Dr. Morris.

Doctors said it is too early to determine how long he’ll be at the rehabilitation hospital.

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