Officer shoots pit bull after it kills cat, bites teen

Posted: 10/05/12 at 10:35 pm EDT      Last Updated: 10/05/12 at 11:09 pm EDT

EAST BOSTON (WHDH) -- Police say two pit bulls escaped from their home and went on the attack, killing a cat and injuring a teenager, and forcing an officer to shoot one of dogs.

Police say the dogs mauled a cat and bit a teenage boy in East Boston.

One man says he came face to face with the dogs as they attacked the stray cat in his backyard.

“I saw him. He had the cat and he was shaking him. I thought it was a rag dog,” said Luis Gizzi.

Gizzi said he tried to break up the attack with a broom, but the dogs turned their attention towards him.

“One of them just kept coming back after the two, three people that were trying to get them away. They had broomsticks pushing them away and they just kept coming back,” said Mona Mennino, a witness.

Police shot and injured one of the dogs.

The dogs’ owner told 7News he doesn’t think the officer had to fire.

“Unless he shot him to get him off of someone -- which wasn’t the case -- then he shouldn’t have shot him at all,” said Calvin Clemons, owner.

“It was a very serious, public safety threat. We had no choice. Our officers used deadly force which we’re trained to do in a situation like that when the public’s in danger,” said Supt. William Evans, Boston Police Department.

The owner says his dogs were provoked and that someone else let the dogs out the front window of his Sumner Street home.

Animal Control has the animals. The owner says that the dog that was shot was in surgery Friday night.

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