Puppy recovering after fall from fourth-story window

Posted: 10/05/12 at 8:20 pm EDT      Last Updated: 10/05/12 at 8:32 pm EDT

LAWRENCE, Mass. (WHDH) -- A puppy is recovering after falling from a fourth-story window.

The six-month-old named Blackie was seriously injured when he fell from the window, and now he is looking for a new home in hopes of finding a happy ending.

Blackie jumped out of a fourth-story window last week.

“The owner was down on ground saying ‘hi,’ to him and waving to him and Blackie took that as an invitation to come down to his family. So he jumped out of the window,” said Michael Keiley, MSPCA-Nevins Farm.

Remarkably he did not break any bones, but the fall caused serious head injuries.

“When we first got him he was not able to see, he was not able to walk or stand. And he was fairly in shock,” said Keiley.

Blackie is starting to walk again and his vision has returned.

Doctors believe his story will have a happy ending.

“The brain has an amazing ability to protect itself but also an amazing ability to heal,” Keiley said.

After the fall, Blackie's owners realized they couldn't provide him with the care he needed, so they gave him to the MSPCA.

Now he is hoping to find a new home.

“We think he will be a wonderful pet for somebody and he has a lot of great potential, but where things are unpredictable with his head we want to be able to give him care at their local vet,” said Keiley.

The MSPCA in Methuen has created a fund to help cover Blackie's medical expenses, and animals like him.

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