Ball python discovered in Everett yard

Posted: 10/05/12 at 6:30 pm EDT

EVERETT, Mass. (WHDH) -- An Everett family discovered a ball python in their yard.

A family on Baker Road called police for help but the officers needed help themselves from the Animal Rescue League.

"He’s a very young ball python; so far he seems to be in pretty good shape. He’s not too thin he never would've survived the winter otherwise," an officer said.

So where did the little guy come from?

“He could be an escaped pet or he could have just been abandoned or let go,” the officer said.

Non-venomous ball pythons are popular pets because they are gentle and stay relatively small.

"We'll hold him at the shelter for a couple of days hopefully someone will call in the meantime. It might be their lost pet," the officer said.

If no one comes forward to claim the snake, the Animal Rescue League will find him a place where someone will take care of him.

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