Workers repair loose seats on AA planes in Boston

Posted: 10/02/12 at 12:10 pm EDT      Last Updated: 10/03/12 at 6:46 am EDT

BOSTON (WHDH) -- American Airlines said it solved the problems with its loose seats on Tuesday. The airline said a clamp that secures the seats wasn’t installed properly.

Two 757 aircrafts from the airline’s fleet were on the ground at Logan Airport. Crews worked on the aircrafts for most of the day Tuesday. They are part of a fleet being double and triple checked to make sure the seats are solidly placed.

This comes after three planes had seats come loose during flights.

“The seats flipped backwards. It was actually a complete nightmare. People were essentially in the laps on the passengers behind them,” said one passenger.

One of the flights left Boston for Miami on Saturday and was forced to make an emergency landing in New York. The other two flights left from New York and Colorado.

“I think it’s just a random issue. It is addressed at this point,” said one man.

In a statement issued late Tuesday, American Airlines said: “The root cause is a saddle clamp improperly installed on the foot of the row leg...”

American Airlines says they've been removing and re-installing rows of seats for added leg room, and there was an issue with the clamp that holds the row of seats in place.

“We operate 700 aircrafts -- thousands and thousands of seats every single day -- we got it down to 47, down to 36, down to seven. So I have a lot of confidence that this is a safe airline, a safe operation and I have no hesitation at all putting my family on it tomorrow,” said David Campbell of American Airlines said Tuesday evening.

Passengers, aware of the airline’s struggles with bankruptcy and labor, are not quick to believe everything they hear.

“I just think it’s all orchestrated to be inconvenient for the passengers so that they can get what they need in the labor dispute,” said Joanne Harms, an upset passenger.

The airline said it regrets any inconvenience it may have caused.

“We’re not confident on it, but we don’t have any choice. We’ve got to get home. We’re anxious to get home and get out of here, to be honest,” said Hunter Harms, an angry passenger.

American Airlines had originally planned on inspecting eight of its fleet of 757s, but now it’s inspecting more than half of its fleet.

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