Boston Children's surgeons remove 7-pound growth

Posted: 01/10/14 at 12:20 am EST      Last Updated: 01/14/14 at 1:09 pm EST

BOSTON (WHDH) -- Before Owen Sheridan was born in Pennsylvania his mother was told he wasn’t going to survive.

But four weeks ago he was born, albeit with a 7-pound growth on his head.

“It’s something called an encephalocele, and what that means is that part of the brain is outside of the skull,” said Dr. John Meara, Boston Children’s plastic surgeon.

After Owen was born doctors at the hospital said they were unable to perform the necessary lifesaving surgery.

Owen’s parents, Jen and Kevin Sheridan, were forced to call several hospitals before they found a surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital willing to perform the surgery.

“They worked a miracle on our child. They did what no other hospital that we could contact was willing to do,” Kevin said.

Owen was in the operating room for seven hours, and after it was over his parents we able to hold him for the first time.

“I think Owen still has a bit of a long road ahead but the fact that they’re able to treat him now like a normal baby and hold him is really gratifying,” said Dr. Mark Proctor, a neurosurgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Owen will be fitted with a helmet to reshape his head, and the family will head home to Pennsylvania next week.

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