Grand jury returned indictment of Edwin Alemany for murder

Posted: 11/15/13 at 1:35 pm EST      Last Updated: 11/17/13 at 1:43 pm EST

SOUTH BOSTON, Mass. (WHDH) -- Edwin Alemany was indicted Friday for the kidnapping and murder of 24-year-old Amy Lord.

Alemany was also indicted on three other attacks along with Lord’s murder. He has a history of mental health issues since he was 18 and a long criminal history.

“My boyfriend actually lives right next door to where she was taken. To know that he’s off the streets means one less person that’s trying to cause havoc,” Ashley Johnson said.

Lord was from a small town and lived in South Boston. She was kidnapped, beaten and forced to withdraw money from several ATMs in July before she was fatally stabbed and her body found at Stony Brook reservation in Hyde Park.

“That was a terrible case for us; being a South Boston resident I realized the fear that went in to the community,” said William Evans, Acting Commissioner Boston Police Dept.

Four officers were reprimanded because they did not investigate attacks that happened years prior to the murder of Amy Lord.

“A short time ago the Suffolk County grand jury returned indictments charging Edwin Alemany with four violent attacks on lone women in the city of Boston. These indictments joined separate cases arising out of attacks on Mission Hill, South Boston and West Roxbury into one prosecution we expect to bring in the Suffolk Superior Court next year,” said Dan Conley, Suffolk County D.A.

Alemany is being held without bail will and answer to the 20-count indictment sometime in the coming month. The district attorney said he doesn't believe that he was connected to any other unsolved assaults in the city.

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