Partial building collapse on Beacon St in Somerville

Posted: 09/09/13 at 10:40 am EDT      Last Updated: 09/10/13 at 9:40 am EDT

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (WHDH) -- Sky7 HD was above a partial building collapse that happened at 269 Beacon Street in Somerville Monday morning. The collapse happened at a building that is home to two restaurants. People were inside when the building collapsed, however no one was injured.

“There was like a big, large boom. I thought at first there was a car crash,” said Elias Lopez, Mixtura Restaurant manager.

The parapet of the brick building just toppled over. The parapet is a decorative lip that sits on top of the building like a crown. The building houses two restaurants, the Mixtura Latin Restaurant and Zoe's Chinese Restaurant.

Maria Pineda, one of the cooks at the Mixtura Restaurant, was inside with two other employees and two customers eating breakfast when they heard the crash out front.

“I still shake, because you know, with the whole building can fall down and now worry too that I don't have a job anymore,” Pineda said.

The owner of Zoe's Chinese Restaurant arrived for work right after the collapse through an interpreter she said she was stunned.

“She really feels it's like a blessing that nobody was hurt and that is the most important thing,” said Eesan Chen, restaurant owner's friend.

At this time, authorities have no cause for the collapse other than the fact that the building is very old.

“We understand one small piece started to come down and the rest all collapsed like a domino. One little thing let it go,” said Chief Kevin Kelleher, Somerville Fire Dept.

No comment from the building building's owner who showed up at the scene. However, the fire chief said it's been owned by one family for many years.

“She is very distraught. People don't see this every day like we do. She is a young lady, her father passed away from what I understand she is managing this for the family,” Kelleher said.

The building inspector and structural engineer will decide when the building is safe to go back into but city officials say it could be months before the building is reopened.

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