BPD search for three men involved in beating of veteran

Posted: 09/09/13 at 5:55 am EDT      Last Updated: 09/09/13 at 1:31 pm EDT

BOSTON (WHDH) -- In Boston, the hunt is on for three men involved in the brutal beating of a Navy veteran.

The Navy veteran and Boston University student said he yelled at a driver who nearly hit him. When the driver stopped and turned around, he thought he'd get an apology. Instead, he got jumped.

He’s back home recovering and 27-year old Michael Stinnett is recalling the attack that sent him to the hospital.

"I remember falling down, covering my head, lost consciousness, kind of woke up covered in blood. There was already a witness there, helping me out,” said Stinnett.

Stinnett served eight years in the Navy.

Early Saturday morning, Stinnett was walking home near the corner of Park Drive and Beacon Street.

Stinnett said a car flew by, nearly hitting him. He yelled at the driver then he said the car made a u-turn, three men got out, and jumped him.

"If I knew that was what they were going to do, I would have run away or something. I didn't know that was what going to go down so I didn't really have time to react or do anything,” said Stinnett.

The area is known as BU South Campus. Students walk around the area at all hours, and most people consider it safe.

"It's on campus. It's on-campus housing, so I figured, this is the safest place to be. This is the area where I’m supposed to be relaxed and not to think twice about stuff like that,” said Stinnett.

Stinnett has minor bleeding in his brain, stitches and staples in his head, and cuts and bruises all over his body.

He hopes a witness can help police find the car, and the three men who did this to him.

"Go to jail. Hopefully, the cops can find them and they'll get what they deserve,” said Stinnett.

Stinnett said he can't give a good description of the three men.

Police said there was at least one witness who saw the whole incident. Police believe the car involved was a black Mercedes sedan.

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