MIT students create Charlie Card jewelry

Posted: 08/23/13 at 6:50 am EDT      Last Updated: 08/23/13 at 10:58 pm EDT

BOSTON (WHDH) -- Searching for your Charlie Card can be a hassle, so one group has come up with a handier way of getting through that gate and on the T.

“Just like a regular ring -- all I do is go right up to the sensor and just fist bump it,” said Chris Benson, who helped design the ring.

Students at MIT and Singapore University worked together to come up with a ring riders can use instead of a card. Passengers add money the same way they would for a Charlie Card.

To get through, just tap the ring against the reader.

“We miniaturized the circuitry in one of these and then put it inside of here and you can just snap them in together,” said Benson.

Benson helped design the ring with the permission of the MBTA. It’s wearable technology he said you can customize.

“You can put your face, your logo, or you can have it say mom or I love you, or something like that,” said Benson.

T riders were interested to hear about the new option.

“Especially if you have several cards, it’s hard to pull it out, but if you have a ring, it’s easier,” said one commuter.

The rings are $20 each.

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