Girl makes homemade bears for cancer patients

Posted: 08/22/13 at 6:55 pm EDT      Last Updated: 08/22/13 at 7:31 pm EDT

BOSTON (WHDH) -- There were 54 handmade teddy bears delivered to Mass General Hospital’s children’s area. The bears were made by Bekah Redwine and sent as a bat mitzvah project.

“It’s really exciting to be able to go here and see how happy the kids get when they see them,” said Redwine.

She stitched and stuffed each of the bears in honor of her friend, Alexandra Pacher, who spent nearly two years of her life at MGH, battling leukemia.

“She had a lot of energy, she was always smiling, she didn’t care what…she was always happy,” said Redwine.

Pacher was a star patient to many. She was present when the Stanley Cup made the rounds in 2011 and starred in a YouTube video of the “Four Seasons Run of Hope,” where she even upstaged Mayor Menino.

“You all make a big difference for every step that ever kid takes with cancer and other issues,” she said in the video.

But Pacher died last year, two days before her 8th birthday. Now her memory lives on, through the simple gift of a teddy bear.

“She would have been eating this up, she really would have and she would have loved to be involved in the process. But she is in spirit,” said Pacher’s mother, Tamara.

“After Alexandra passed away, I decided this would be a really good project to do,” said Redwine.

And the kids love them.

“My teddy bear’s name is Lebron James,” said one child, Samuel.

Redwine made some of the bears pink and some of them blue because those were Pacher’s favorite colors.

“She took a lot of time and a lot of thought went into this. It was almost a year that she did this project,” said Tamara Pacher.

Redwine said she’s not finished making bears for Alexandra. Next year she and her family are planning a trip to Israel and she’s going to take 54 more homemade bears to a hospital there.

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