A.G. Conley on Bulger verdict: what are the facts?

Posted: 08/15/13 at 9:40 pm EDT      Last Updated: 08/15/13 at 10:43 pm EDT

BOSTON (WHDH) -- Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley weighed in on the recent Whitey Bulger verdict.

He talked to Steven Davis at an event Thursday. Davis’ sister was an alleged victim of Bulger, but the jury could not come to a unanimous decision on her death and ruled “no finding” in Bulger’s trial.

Conley said prosecutors are planning to meet with their federal counterparts to decide whether to bring charges against Bulger at the state level, now that the federal trial is over.

“We have to sort out legal questions whether double jeopardy issues involved here, but that’s another matter. At this point it’s really about what are the facts, what is in our possession, what can we go get? Remember some of these crimes occurred 20-30 years ago, percipient witnesses are deceased or moved along. That’s our first and foremost task,” said Conley.

Bulger was found guilty on 31 out of 32 counts on Monday. He faces life in prison.

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