Carnival employee to face murder charges

Posted: 07/26/13 at 5:45 pm EDT      Last Updated: 07/26/13 at 6:03 pm EDT

BOSTON (WHDH) -- 22-year-old Sebastian Moody was in court Friday after he strangled a man in Maine back in April. Two other men have also been charged in that murder.

Moody was working at a carnival when he was arrested Thursday. Massachusetts law requires carnivals to do in-state criminal background checks on all of their ride operators. The carnival Moody worked for went a step further, to check all of their employees, and did out of state checks as well. That's how police were able to find Moody.

"There are a lot of towns that will ask us for a list of our employees, which we will more than happily give them a list of our employees. If there is an issue, then it's taken care of. We don't need it around us," said a carnival spokesman.

Moody agreed to be extradited back to Maine, where he will face the murder charges.

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