5-alarm fire guts Boston triple decker, injures 1

Posted: 07/07/13 at 5:25 pm EDT      Last Updated: 07/07/13 at 11:31 pm EDT

ALLSTON, Mass. (WHDH) -- Neighbors captured the fierce flames as they attacked this triple decker on Mansfield Street in Allston. When the fire department arrived the blaze had spread to surrounding buildings.

“The fastest thing we can do is throw water on all four buildings to knock down the main body of fire so that’s what we did. So they were able to save the three exposure fires, the main building, not sure if that’s salvageable,” said Robert Calobrisi, Deputy Fire Chief.

Amadeo Garcia lived on the second floor with his wife. He smelled the smoke and jumped into action.

“I go to tell everybody to run out so I don’t know what happened in the fire. It was very, very important to me tell other people,” Amadeo Garcia said.

The scorching temperatures were the main reason this was a 5-alarm fire.

“It’s really hot, we like to rotate the guys keep them hydrated to rehab them it’s strenuous work and under these conditions it’s even more so,” Calobrisi said.

Seventeen people lived in the triple decker that is now just a charred skeleton of what it used to be. Those who lived inside lost everything.

“Computer, TV, my money, my stuff, passport. Nothing, nothing no good,” said Garcia.

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