Suspect gets tied up in attempted armed home invasion

Posted: 05/11/13 at 10:25 pm EDT      Last Updated: 05/11/13 at 10:40 pm EDT

ROXBURY, Mass. (WHDH) -- Police said a man found tied up in a second-story apartment wasn’t the victim, but a suspect in an attempted armed home invasion.

Investigators said four men forced their way into an apartment in Mission Hill, but the three men inside fought back. Police said the men captured one of the suspects, pinned him down and restrained him with zip ties. The other suspects took off.

Neighbors said apartments in the building are often rented by students.

“I probably wouldn’t have that much courage, I’d call the police,” said one man.

Police said they recovered one weapon from the scene. Officials are speaking with the suspected intruder and the men who were inside the apartment.

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