Bake sale for Martin Richard's family raises $1,700

Posted: 05/11/13 at 9:50 pm EDT      Last Updated: 05/11/13 at 10:27 pm EDT

WINTHROP, Mass. (WHDH) -- A group of middle school students in Winthrop came together to support the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

The students held a back sale to help support the family of 8-year-old Martin Richard. Martin was killed in the bombing. His parents and sister were also injured.

“I think people wanted to come out for this because what happened to the Richard family could have happened to any one of us and it’s just so tragic, it hits home,” said Patty Hames, who organized the bake sale.

Patty Hames helped organize the event, but it was the students who manned the table. They woke up at 6 a.m. to get started.

The baked goods were mostly homemade and donated by people who heard about the sale.

“We had one person who donated like $25 and it was just nice to know that people didn’t -- she didn’t even want anything to take -- so it was nice to know that people are so generous,” said Courtney Dalton, who helped organize the bake sale.

The bake sale was quite successful -- they ran out of all the things they were going to sell and had to go to the store to buy more baked goods.

Nick Hames was 200 feet from the second blast. He was among those who volunteered at the bake sale.

“I was actually at the marathon when the bombs went off. I was right next to them, so I thought this was a really good opportunity because I was affected by it,” said Nick Hames.

The Richard family thanked everyone who has supported them earlier this week. They also said their 7-year-old daughter, Jane, underwent her 11th surgery to close her wound from the bombing.

The students had hoped to raise just $500, but by the end of their sale they raised $1,700.

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