Funding questions remain as MBTA prepares budget

Posted: 04/09/13 at 3:05 pm EDT

BOSTON (AP) -- The head of the MBTA is hoping the Legislature and Gov. Deval Patrick can agree on a "Plan C" for funding transportation.

The T will be asking its board of directors to approve a budget on Wednesday that is full of question marks as the transportation bill continues to be debated on Beacon Hill.

General Manager Beverly Scott says the current level of funding is a "far cry from what is needed."

While T officials say a $500 million bill passed by the House late Monday would prevent fare hikes in the coming fiscal year, it would not allow for improved service or modernized equipment.

Patrick says he'll veto the House bill if there's no compromise.

The T's budget includes a contingency plan that would require at least $40 million in fare hikes or service cuts.

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