Man arrested for allegedly kicking girl on Orange Line

Posted: 03/21/13 at 4:30 pm EDT      Last Updated: 03/21/13 at 9:25 pm EDT

CHARLESTOWN (WHDH) -- A young girl aboard the Orange Line was in tears, saying she was kicked by a man, who was found and is facing charges.

Antwan Crawford, 33, pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and battery aboard an MBTA Orange Line train at the Bunker Hill Community College station in Charlestown.

Prosecutors said the alleged victim is an 8-year-old girl.

“The defendant is alleged to have kicked the small girl onboard the MBTA train. The child started crying and the child’s mother took a picture of the defendant,” said the prosecutor.

Transit police said it happened late last month after Crawford had a run in with another T rider after stepping on his sneakers. That’s when Crawford became agitated and kicked the young girl, making her cry. He then fled on foot.

The mother then snapped a picture of Crawford and called police. Crawford was later identified by Bunker Hill Community College police and taken into custody.

His lawyer said this is a case of mistaken identity.

Crawford was released on $300 cash bail. He denied any wrongdoing.

“Yeah, wrong guy, mistaken identity, that’s all,” Crawford told 7News.

Crawford is due back in court in May. He has been ordered to stay away from the alleged victim and to stay off the Orange Line.

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