Residents on edge after string of Back Bay break-ins

Posted: 02/18/13 at 10:15 pm EST      Last Updated: 02/18/13 at 10:49 pm EST

BOSTON (WHDH) -- Residents in the Back Bay are on edge after a string of robberies in the area.

The thief has made off with jewelry and laptops, leaving behind bulky TVs.

But victims say the worst part is that the culprit has access.

“It was especially unsettling to me that the door had been locked behind whoever did this so obviously it was somebody who had a key and had unlimited access to not only the building, but my individual unit,” said a victim.

This victim doesn't want to show her face or share her name but says last Tuesday someone broke into four out of the 10 apartments at this Marlborough street complex. All victims were women and the burglar didn't need to force a way in, the person had the keys.

“It’s not about stuff for me anyways, and I know some of the other women in the building, it’s a safety issue. We all have renters insurance. It’s not necessarily about that. It’s the fact that I don't feel safe in my own apartment building,” said a victim.

The locks have been changed, but that's not enough comfort for this victim.

She says it's time to move.

“It’s scary to think if any of us had been home when it happened or came home when it was going on or something like that what else could have happened,” said a victim.

The property management company released a statement that said: “We have been in constant communication with Boston Police to provide them with any information that might be helpful in them addressing this criminal matter. They have not indicated to us that they feel this is an ‘inside job’ and we continue to keep any keys in a secure locked and alarmed location.”

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