Son of Boston police commissioner arrested

Posted: 02/18/13 at 5:25 pm EST      Last Updated: 02/18/13 at 5:37 pm EST

BOSTON (WHDH) -- The Son of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis was arrested for drinking while driving on Friday.

Phillip Davis was arrested in Plymouth and now Ed Davis has acknowledged his son has a drinking problem.

Davis wrote in a statement that, “Like many families that struggle with substance abuse, we are reaching out to experts to get Phillip the help he needs. Jane and I love our son every much and are relieved that he has decided to seek treatment.”

The commissioner said he is grateful that no one was hurt while his son was behind the wheel.

There are reports that he was driven home instead of arrested when a police officer realized he was too drunk to drive.

The district attorney’s office said the Boston Police Department will decide if Phillip Davis faces charges for the incident.

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