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7th Heaven

From Spelling Television and Brenda Hampton comes "7th Heaven," a critically acclaimed family drama about a minister, his wife and their seven children. The WBís highest-rated series, 7TH HEAVEN has captured the hearts of television audiences with its witty, charming and heartwarming storytelling and has been praised for providing high-quality entertainment for all ages. This fall, 7TH HEAVEN embarks on an impressive 11th season, continuing its streak as the longest-running family drama in the history of television.

The series has received numerous awards for chronicling the many complex problems of growing up in the world today. The young adults on 7TH HEAVEN have been exposed to issues ranging from teen suicide and sibling rivalry to violence in schools. Storylines have touched on such topics as the Holocaust, hate crimes, prejudice against Muslims, drug use, vandalism, the right to vote, drinking and driving, teen pregnancy and homelessness. Reflecting the headlines of our times, episodes have also focused on the "Lost Boys" of The Sudan, a real-life American serviceman who was killed in Afghanistan and a law allowing teenage mothers to turn their unwanted babies over to hospitals with no questions asked. The series has received honors from the Parents Television Council, The Media Projectís Shine Awards, Entertainment Industries Councilís Prism Awards, Viewers Voice, Anti-Defamation League, Film Advisory Board, Academy of Religious Broadcasting, Kids Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Family Friendly Forum Awards and the TV Guide Awards.

7TH HEAVEN stars Emmy Award-nominated Stephen Collins ("The Two Mrs. Grenvilles," "The First Wives Club," "Sisters"), Catherine Hicks ("Peggy Sue Got Married," "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home"), Beverley Mitchell ("Saw 2"), Nikolas and Lorenzo Brino as the twins, George Stults ("Will & Grace"), Tyler Hoechlin ("The Road to Perdition") and Haylie Duff (currently starring in the Broadway version of "Hairspray"; "Napoleon Dynamite").

Reverend Eric Camden (Collins) and his wife Annie (Hicks) have always had their hands full caring for seven children, not to mention the friends, sweethearts and spouses that continually come and go in the Camden household. However, this season, Eric and Annieís family issues are pushed to the wayside when Eric is diagnosed with a fatal heart condition and told he only has six months to live. Of course, as you would expect, the news will drastically alter the way they view life and how they interact with the community around them. Eric will make each decision as if it might be his last which will prove heartbreaking and even humorous at times, and Annie will attempt to fight fate by seeking guidance from psychics, healers and therapy groups.

Additionally, at the end of last season, Matt (Barry Watson), Mary (Jessica Biel) and Lucy (Mitchell) all announced that their respective families were expecting twins, following in the footsteps of Eric and Annie. Sadly, the season opener reveals that Lucy has lost the twins over the summer, leaving her to reevaluate whatís next for her and her family. Kevin (Stults) is a good husband and wants to help his wife during this difficult time, but, unfortunately, his efforts at making Lucy feel better only result in pushing her further away. In addition to being a stay-at-home father, this season Kevin will take a troubled young boy -- the boy who accidentally shot him last season -- under his wing in an effort to change the course of his life.

Martin (Hoechlin) returns to Glenoak after realizing that he misses his son and wants to become more active in his life. His sonís mother, Sandy (Duff), is in love with Simon (Gallagher), but finally comes to terms with the fact that she has to move on with her life after Simon returns to school. She decides to attend seminary school and become a minister, creating an unspoken rivalry with Lucy who is also a minister and feels like Sandy is on her turf. It also doesnít sit well with Lucy that the troubled teens from church, who had previously come to her for advice, now flock to Sandy who has a dark past that is more relatable.

Through all the ups and downs of 10 seasons, Eric and Annie have managed to keep their romance alive and their family together. Theyíve certainly "been there and done that." However, Ericís diagnosis will throw their relatively normal lives into a tailspin and the family will now have to depend on each other more than ever.

7TH HEAVEN was created by Brenda Hampton ("Fat Actress," "Mad About You," "Blossom"), who also serves as executive producer along with Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent. The series is a production of Spelling Television, Inc., a Paramount/Viacom company.