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Christie's State of New Jersey


The Iowa Caucuses are more than two years away, but--in New Jersey--the 2016 race is well underway. Chris Christie can still win it or lose it: he can drive himself out of a deep ditch and get back on the road to the White House, or he can be road kill. [Full Story]

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01/09/14 - Christie scandal is stealing the spotlight

New Jersey governor Chris Christie followed every rule in the political crisis playbook today. He apologized, admitted he was personally humiliated and fired a top aide for lying to him. [full story]

01/06/14 - Marty Walsh Inauguartion

Of course you're going to be seeing changes at City Hall, but you're going to be hearing them, too. [full story]

12/10/13 - Does it matter who wins MA5?

Think fast! Do you know what day it is? Yes, it's Tuesday! But it's also an election day--which I won't be surprised if you didn't know, or worse, don't much care about. [full story]

12/06/13 - Remembering the life of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela's struggles--and successes--made him one of the world's most beloved and respected statesmen. [full story]

11/22/13 - Remembering JFK's assassination

Of course I remember that day. I was in college, watching television in the student union. There was a news flash: President Kennedy, seriously wounded in Dallas. [full story]

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