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Help Me Hank: Winter damage insurance


So what do you do if a tree or power line hits your vehicle or home? It's important to know whether or not you're covered. [Full Story]

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06/24/08 - Help Me Hank! Student loan surprise

It's a big money mix up when a mom who paid off her student loan is still getting bills. "Help Me Hank" says it could happen to you. [full story]

06/10/08 - Help Me Hank: Backyard brainteaser

One man's fertilizer purchase reeks of a rip off! When sales tax is charged where it's not due, "Help Me Hank" weeds out the solution. [full story]

05/27/08 - Help Me Hank: ID incident

A lifelong dream to visit Graceland is in jeopardy when one man loses his wallet with his driver's license inside. His airplane flight is just days away! To make sure he gets past security he calls "Help Me Hank." [full story]

05/06/08 - Help Me Hank: Permit puzzlement

It's a rite of passage, finally getting your driver's permit! But for one 18-year-old it's a roadblock, the RMV is demanding documents he couldn't possibly have! To steer him in the right direction he calls "Help Me Hank." [full story]

04/29/08 - Help Me Hank: Full serve fiasco

Problem at the pump! Gas buyers may be fooled into paying too much per gallon - and it comes down to how you ask for your gas. Help Me Hank has the info that can save you big bucks! [full story]

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