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What's Cookin': How to eat a lobster

What's cookin'? We New Englanders love our lobster! But do we know how to pick one, how to cook one and how to eat one? Sarah French has lobster 101.

At the Lobster Pot in Wareham, owner Guy Marino knows a thing or two about these culinary crustacean.

"Eating lobster is not like eating anything else. [It's] so much fun, from the beginning when you buy it, till the end when you are eating it at the table," he said.

Fire, be sure to get them fresh. They should be kept in cold, salt water.

"We keep it at just the right temperature, so the lobsters are nice and cold, taste like they should, from the ocean," said Marino.

You can choose between hard shell or soft shell, both are delicious! But make sure the lobster is strong.

"You see how strong this lobster is holding itself, see how strong it is? That's a good, hearty, strong lobster. That's what you wanna look for," said Marino.

If you prefer tail meat, choose a female. If you like the claws choose a male. At the Lobster Pot they add a little sea salt and steam them.

"There's a lot more flavor in a lobster when you steam it, rather than put it in boiling water," said Marino. "Take them right from the refrigerator and place them right in the pot. Just gonna cover it, and then it's gonna take about 12-15 minutes to finish cooking. Just because the lobster turns red, doesn't mean it's done, has nothing to do with it. [You] have to cook for 12 minutes and up depending on the size."

Time to eat, but first get yourself a bib!

"Part of the lobster is having stuff flying all over the place. What I do when you get the lobster right out of the pot, it's hot, I start with the legs. That gives time for the rest of it, so I don't burn myself," said Marino.

Break off a leg and put it between your teeth.

"And you pull the meat out. It goes right into your mouth. Then break the next section and do the same thing," said Marino.

Next up, the claws!

"I break the claw right off the knuckle joint. Then I take the finger of the claw and break it," said Marino.

Use a nut cracker to break open the claw, and slide the meat right out. Now for the tail.

"Take the tail and just twist it, the tail comes right off. Next take the flippers and break the flippers off. Now we have the tail, but it's still in the shell. Take it and squeeze it, you'll hear it crack," said Marino.

Then just open it up and out comes the meat! But be sure to peel back the tail and take out the vein. That's the only part you don't eat.

"Now we're gonna go in to the body. The body meat is absolutely delicious, so tender. Just grab it here and lift up. It comes right off, really that simple," said Marino. "Inside is the tamale, which is the liver, some people eat it, some people won't eat it."

And finally, in many female lobster tails, you will find the roe.

"People sometimes get a lobster like this and think something is wrong. Nothing is wrong, I like to eat this. This is really delicious," said Marino.

But it's all up to you! The most important thing to remember the next time to get a lobster, have fun and enjoy.