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Living Healthy

Park workout

UNDATED (WHDH) -- Doing the same workout over and over, or running the same route day after day, can get old real fast. This week, 7News' Kayna Whitworth teamed up with a trainer from Boston Sports Clubs, to shake things up a little.

The exercise was definitely no walk in the park!

7News Reporter Kayna Whitworth's goal of getting in shape took her out of the gym and over to Boston Common.

Boston Sports Club Trainer Craig Favara, says you can get a work-out in just about anywhere.

"We just need a park bench right there and we are going to do a full body workout. We'll start with incline push-ups, lower down and come back up. Keep your core tight," said Favara.

If regular push-ups are not enough, Favara said add a hop.

Even more challenging was a decline push-up, with your hands on the ground, feet on the bench.

"So now what we are going to do is focus on some lower body movements. The first one is going to be a step up. Shoulders back core tight, step up with lead foot and drive the other knee," said Favara.

Try for 10 on each side.

"The next progression for the lower body is to go into box jumps. So position yourself into a squat position, jump up and land in a squat position on your heels. Step back off and repeat," said Favara.

Tie that all up with what Favara calls Bulgarian split squats.

So I want you to put your foot up here on the bench, walk out. Once again, shoulders back core tight, raise your hands and squat down till you are parallel. Squat down make sure your knee does not go over your toe and do ten on each side," said Favara.

The workout wasn't over.

"So the next park of the workout we are going to incorporate what we call a metabolic blast," said Favara.

We head down the hill for mountain climber sprints followed by a short 40 yard sprint.

Try and get in at least 3 sets and top it all off with some abdominal work.

Craig said if you work hard, you can get the whole workout done in less than 30 minutes.

It's a great way to take advantage of the nice summer temperatures that New England has been having.