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The Hiller Instinct

Marathon bombing reaction

While the search for answers about the Boston Marathon bombing continues, our poll is already predicting that Marathon crowds may be even bigger in the future.

In our exclusive 7News/Suffolk University Poll, we asked whether the bombing made them more or less likely to attend similar events. Six percent said it made them more likely, 81% said it made no difference, and only 11% less likely.

"What this poll tells us quite frankly is, people will be at the Boston Garden tomorrow night to watch the Bruins game, it will be packed, it's a closed environment, and in an open environment, people will be back at it again in an open space," Suffolk University Professor David Paleologos said.

The death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev in a shootout on a Watertown street triggered questions about his rights, and everyone else's.

As officials claim they cannot release information about what government benefits Tamerlan received, 63% of the voters we surveyed say they should, while less than half as many--27%--say he has a right to privacy.

The capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnev--who has confessed to participating in the bomb plot--raises the issue of what his punishment for the crime should be.

When we asked voters about the death penalty, 55% supported it, while 34% opposed capitol punishment. Nine per cent were undecided.

"It says this particular circumstance is driving emotions, and polarizing emotions. We do not have a death penalty in Massachusetts, but people are saying this case, this person, he should get the death penalty," Paleologos said.

What this poll says to me is that we're angry and we want revenge.

Over time, our feelings may soften. But--this time--i won't be surprised if they don't.