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The Hiller Instinct

Senate Special Election Primary

This was the campaign that wasn't.

And I don't think the candidates, or the bombs at the Marathon, were totally responsible.

in politics, there's campaigning and there's governing, and--right now--it seems like we're always voting, but Washington rarely governs.

News alert: tonight could bring change.

Given all the support he got from his party and other elected officials, Ed Markey was expected to win the Democratic Primary. Markey is a proud symbol of the status quo.

Many candidates talk about change, but he isn't one of them. More than anything--Markey promises more of the same: deep blue, liberal, Massachusetts politics.

And, in a state dominated by Democrats, that may be more than enough.


Gabriel Gomez is about to find out. The Navy Seal is not your typical GOP candidate--he supports gay marriage; immigration reform; and doesn't want to roll back abortion rights.

Put it all together, and Gomez sounds like he comes from the Democratic wing of the Republican Party, which sets up quite a matchup for Massachusetts voters.

Forget the Primary campaign (which shouldn't be difficult)--and get ready for an unusual congressional race here: a young, charismatic, socially moderate Republican against a liberal, charismatically-challenged, Democrat who's been in Washington for almost forty years.

Markey will be the favorite, but Gomez has a lot going for him.