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The Hiller Instinct

Scott Brown doesn't seek Senate seat

I was never convinced Scott Brown would run.

His decision may disappoint every Republican in Massachusetts, but by sitting this race out. He may have a better chance of winning back an elected office next year.

Forget the fact that Brown was a senator and put away the polls that say he'd be ahead in this race.

Before too long, as the Democratic candidate became better known, Brown would become the underdog.

Why? Because the same Democratic machine that beat him last year would beat him this year, and the Republicans have no match for it.

Democrats are energized. Liberals think it's "their time" and that means it's not Scott Brown's.

Plus, we've seen an awful lot of Brown campaigning recently; two times in the last three years.

Another campaign right now could make him look stale, and a loss could end his political career.

Now Brown can wait until next year, when he can choose between running for a full senate term, or even for governor.

Every way I look at it, Brown made a smart move by staying out.