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The Hiller Instinct

Who will be interim senator?

First: I do not know whom the governor is going to pick.

But I do have a guess...AND the governor won't say it's wrong...

With his confirmation official, and his resignation letter already at the State House, there are plenty of rumors about who'll replace John Kerry until elections this spring.

The names I'm hearing most are Vicki Kennedy, Carol Fulp (CEO and president of the Partnership), Jack Connors (perhaps Boston's most influential businessman), and William "Mo" Cowan--who will soon be leaving the Governor's Office after serving as his Chief of Staff for the past three years.

My guess is that it's Cowan: he's been a long, loyal Patrick supporter and he would be the state's first African-American senator since Republican Ed Brooke was defeated in 1978.

The governor will just not say no...

Hiller: "Did you make the call about the Senate?"

Gov. Patrick: "Andy, no answers to any questions until tomorrow."

Hiller: "At 11 o'clock, 11 o'clock?"

Patrick: "Sometime tomorrow."

Hiller: "Will you just say, 'no, it's not Mo Cowan' so I can feel smarter?"

Patrick: (laughs)

Hiller: "Just say 'no, it's not Mo Cowan.'"

Patrick: "Good night Andy!"

Now I know there are a lot of people thinking, or hoping, the governor will pick Barney Frank...but I'll be very surprised if he does. Because if Patrick does names Frank, it will look like he was pushed into the decision, and that's the last way Patrick likes to look.

Does "Mo" have the mo?

This is the part of the story where I say: time will tell.

But, this time, I can even tell you when we'll be told: tomorrow morning at the State House.