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The Hiller Instinct

Patriots and Politics

After watching the playoffs this weekend, I wish politicians had to play by the same rules as the Patriots...

The biggest difference between the Pats and the pols is that--in the NFL--the game ends.

But, in Washington , the game never ends: one fiscal cliff only leads to another. And if it even looks like politicians are getting ready to make a tough call, there's always a filibuster that can delay the game.

Another big difference: in the NFL, you always know who won the game; but, in Washington, you can't be sure.

Washington's two political teams--the Democrats and the Republicans--claim victory no matter what legislation is passed, and each calls the other "losers."

Since neither side ever admits a loss, no one really knows who's winning or losing.

In football, referees make sure the teams play by the rules.

But, in Washington, there are no referees to keep the political game honest.

Instead there are advocates, lobbyists and strategists all working to get laws and rules changed in their favor.

So it's no mistake the New England Patriots have our respect... While our patriots in Washington usually don't. Patriot games have more integrity than political games.