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Help Me Hank

Help Me Hank: ID incident

"Step on my blue suede shoes..."

He's the king of rock n' roll, Elvis of course, and took the 1950s music scene by storm. Back then Russ was a teenager at Peabody High and to this day he's still listening to his Elvis records.

Russ Marron, Elvis fan
"I think his music, his voice is one of the best we've ever had."

"Love me tender, love..."

For years Russ wanted to pay his respects to Elvis at Graceland. And when he finally got the chance, he got All Shook Up.

Russ Marron, Elvis fan
"It's just something I've always wanted to see."

He booked his flight to Memphis and was ready to Shake, Rattle, and Roll but then an unfortunate twist.

Russ Marron, Elvis fan
"I lost my wallet."

His wallet that had his important driver's license inside! And his flight was just six days away! Being far from home without ID could be a disaster! What if he needed to rent a car, or verify his identity? Not to mention the headache at the airport.

So he called the registry to find out how to get a replacement driver's license in time for the trip. Simple they said, just bring proof of your flight to any registry office.

Russ Marron, Elvis fan
"It sounded like there would be no problem in getting it quickly."

But when Russ got to the RMV, they sent him to Heartbreak Hotel. The clerk said it could take more than a week for Russ to get his new license, too long.

"I believe you're doing me wrong..."

Russ Marron, Elvis fan
"I questioned it."

Russ needed A Little Less Conversation and a lot more action. So Russ contacted the person he knew could help.

Russ Marron, Elvis fan
"It's time to call Help me Hank."

"She knows just what to do..."

Russ had followed the right steps but somewhere the registry got it wrong. His flight info should have assured Russ one day service.

"Well that was just a lie..."

So we called the registry to find Russ' paperwork and make sure it got moved to the front of the line.

Hank Phillippi Ryan, Investigative reporter
"So you'll take care of that?"

And sure enough the new license came just in time, and Russ took off for his hassle free trip to Memphis, Tennessee and Graceland.

Russ Marron, Elvis fan
"Thank you, thank you very much."

Hank Phillippi Ryan, Investigative Reporter
If you need a super fast driver's license replacement, the registry considers requests on a case by case basis. For more info check our website.

RMV Customer Service Number: 617-351-4500.

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