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Help Me Hank

Help Me Hank: Permit puzzlement

Kurtis is a multi-talented artist, an 18-year old who does computer graphics, and also loves music.

Kurtis Murray, musician
"I play guitar, piano, sing."

He's in a band that practices 30 miles away and that's a problem, Kurtis doesn't have his driver's license.

Kurtis Murray, musician
"A lot of times I have to miss that because I can't get there."

So rather than playing solo, or walking, Kurtis needed to get behind the wheel. But he could only do that with a permit and that required a trip to the registry -- compliments of mom.

Kurtis Murray, musician
"I was expecting to get my permit and go home and drive."

But when Kurtis showed up at the RMV his paperwork hit a dead end. He had a birth certificate and social security card, but they told him, he was 18 so he needed 4 documents to prove his identity.

Kurtis Murray, musician
"I went all the way there just to find out I couldn't do it."

The registry gave him a long list of options of what he could use. He'd need proof of his age, his social security number, his residency, and signature.

Kurtis Murray, musician
"I thought I had all the ids."

But when Kurtis took a closer look at the list, problem, he had nothing to prove his signature. At 18 he didn't have a marriage certificate, a home mortgage, or military discharge papers, or anything else on the list.

Kurtis Murray, musician
"I couldn't find a way of getting any of them."

So Kurtis and mom went back to the registry to plead his case, but nope, no form of signature, and no license.

Kurtis Murray, musician
"It just seemed a little absurd."

Realizing the registry wasn't going to budge and sick of walking.

Kurtis Murray, musician
"I e-mailed 7News."

We scanned the list of documents and sure enough Kurtis had nothing to prove his signature, so we tried the RMV.

Hank Phillippi Ryan, Investigative Reporter
"This is Hank Phillippi Ryan at Channel 7."

They told us these cases were rare, but when they did come up, the registry has ombudsmen who can approve documents that aren't on the list. And it turns out that Kurtis had recently registered to vote, and that required a signature. As long as his mom was there to vouch for him he'd be ready to go. Next comes his written exam and after that Kurtis can get on the road to band practice, and anywhere else he wants.

Hank Phillippi Ryan, Investigative Reporter
The registry is now reviewing its list of acceptable documents, and does have plans to include voter registration as a form of ID.

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